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Call Us Today!
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Bluetooth, GPS & Radar

Bluetooth Connectivity,
GPS NAvigation & 

GPS Navigation
Radar Laser Systems
Alpine, Pioneer, Parrot and Bluetooth Accessories
Tired of earpieces and wires that you wear all day? Want to listen to music and apps wirelessy from your phone to your car? Bluetooth Hands-Free and Streaming Audio allow you to connect your phones and tablets to your car without the cords! Instead of being a BIG distraction, you can minimize the risks of having a phone conversation in your vehicle with these Bluetooth systems. Most offer an installed microphone and direct connection to your existing car speakers. Yes, you will hear your Bluetooth device through your existing car speakers! All Bluetooth systems we carry are compliant with Ohio and Local Distracted Driver laws.
GPS Navigation
These navigation products provide drivers with detailed, accurate route guidance to their destinations while simultaneously providing entertainment, information and connectivity.
Escort Radar Laser Systems
Auto Sound Security and Accessories is the source for the best radar and laser systems available. Radar and laser technology has really met the pavement. Local law enforcement is using radar guns, laser guns, red light cameras, safety cameras, in-ground speed detection, and more. All systems we carry offer excellent radar and laser detectors. The best protection is with a 'Shifter System' to disrupt laser gun signals. This offers protection from laser technology. GPS-powered radar detectors will alert you as you approach the red light and speed cameras around town.

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