Viper Security Systems

Car Security — Keyless Entry in Willoughby, OHViper will protect your vehicle and its contents with the very latest technologies in vehicle security and convenience. Every Viper security system provides the layers of protection necessary to really protect your vehicle and contents. This includes a Failsafe Starter Kill, Stinger Double-Guard Shock Sensor, Revenger Six-tone Siren and Blue LED alarm light in vehicle. Additional sensors and features are available. *Call or email for a NO-HASSLE Vehicle Specific quote today!

* Additional parts and labor may be required for proper operation. These install parts and/or labor typically range from $5 to $200. Email or Call 440-951-1440 for a No-hassle, Vehicle-specific quote!

Car Security — Keyless Entry in Willoughby, OH

Common Features

  • Starter Kill
  • Shock Sensor
  • Door Trigger Monitoring
  • Hood Monitoring
  • Parking Light Confirmation
  • Keyless Entry, If Car Equipped With Power Door Locks

Optional Features

  • Digital Tilt/Motion Sensor
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Trailer monitoring
  • Dome Supervision
  • Window Roll-up/down
  • Trunk Pin and More…

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